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Simple Web 360 Horizontal Panorama Viewer

Image something I was looking for to embed panoramic images on this blog. Keyword being simple.

People have an odd definition of simple these days; thinking that linking 3 different libraries, full of code which is never used, in multiple languages constitutes a manageable project. After minutes of looking and being redirected to the same site repeatedly, I concluded none exist. So I made one with a combination of css and js.

Background I literally wanted the images on screen and scrollable. Nothing fantastic, just a lightweight solution that would hopefully be compatible with the major browsers. The easiest solution seemed to be a div with the scrollable pano image as a background. The div handles click/tap events, then objects can be placed in to the div which would overlay the image (but not take input).

Turns out this doesn't work very well on a blog. At all really, which is why I haven't embedded a example. I also loathe all these demo code upload sites and especially con…