Cops Getting Tough on Hugs

When I'm having a bad day at work, sometimes I wish my boss would hug me. Even if I'm having a good day, to be fair. Maybe I've done a good job and in lieu of pay I get a hug? I'll take a hug whenever I can get one. Unless it's from a person I don't like or someone of the particularly fat and sweaty persuasion. In such cases I politely say "no" or ask them to stop. It works.

But that's unlikely to happen now. All thanks to the imitation 'girl power' (maskerading as #MeToo) movement, out to systematically destroy the lives of innocent and powerful men because they haven't achieved what they wanted to in life. John Lasseter (Disney legend) being the latest victim of such hateful exploitation of the legal system and Internet gullibility. If you're at a bar with someone refilling your coffee cup, do you wait for it to overflow and burn you or ask them to stop? If you don't like coffee why did you let them pour it?

Common sense. It's, somehow, being bred out of the gene pool.

My cryptically varied work history includes more than a few years in the creative industries. I've always imagined Disney to be a bright, colourful, joyous place where dogs roamed free and everything was coated in sugar. So much for dreaming. Life has been one big disappointment. It seems working at Disney involves as much backstabbing, badmouthing and inexplicable hatred as a gaggle of girls on a night out who notice a girl better looking than them.

If hugs are sexual harassment then I've seen a lot of parents out shopping who need to start some serious apologising to their kids, before they end up in prison!

What you gonna do when they come for you...

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