Simple Web 360 Horizontal Panorama Viewer

Image something I was looking for to embed panoramic images on this blog. Keyword being simple.

People have an odd definition of simple these days; thinking that linking 3 different libraries, full of code which is never used, in multiple languages constitutes a manageable project. After minutes of looking and being redirected to the same site repeatedly, I concluded none exist. So I made one with a combination of css and js.

Background I literally wanted the images on screen and scrollable. Nothing fantastic, just a lightweight solution that would hopefully be compatible with the major browsers. The easiest solution seemed to be a div with the scrollable pano image as a background. The div handles click/tap events, then objects can be placed in to the div which would overlay the image (but not take input).

Turns out this doesn't work very well on a blog. At all really, which is why I haven't embedded a example. I also loathe all these demo code upload sites and especially con…

Game Mod Updates and Redirects

If you're confused why you are here, chances are you tried to get to...

They're mine. With the old websites gone I decided to point them to the same place. Here. Living the free life. Updated the game mod sections to include most of the old Command & Conquer and Supreme Commander content. I'll polish them up once the rest of the blog is built. Started building the models section again.

Gallery Update - Guardians of the Goth

This one took a while, but I finally managed to conjure the enthusiasm to knock out...

The Guardians of the Goth

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Cops Getting Tough on Hugs

When I'm having a bad day at work, sometimes I wish my boss would hug me. Even if I'm having a good day, to be fair. Maybe I've done a good job and in lieu of pay I get a hug? I'll take a hug whenever I can get one. Unless it's from a person I don't like or someone of the particularly fat and sweaty persuasion. In such cases I politely say "no" or ask them to stop. It works.

But that's unlikely to happen now. All thanks to the imitation 'girl power' (maskerading as #MeToo) movement, out to systematically destroy the lives of innocent and powerful men because they haven't achieved what they wanted to in life. John Lasseter (Disney legend) being the latest victim of such hateful exploitation of the legal system and Internet gullibility. If you're at a bar with someone refilling your coffee cup, do you wait for it to overflow and burn you or ask them to stop? If you don't like coffee why did you let them pour it?

Common sense. It…

Gallery Update

It's almost the end of a 3 day weekend, so better start updating this blog. Probably should have started 3 days ago to be honest. Added the first of my galleries; Marvel characters in South Park. I've still a few to draw, but I'm happy enough with the ones I've completed so far.

Easily my favourite...

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Another Day

Sick of messing around with web sites and hosts, I made a blog.